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Customers 2.469 | Accounts 8.604 | Animals 6.082.123

New version 2.4.80 in use

New version 2.4.80 in use

Date: November 12, 2018

On Friday 2 November, a new version of ZooEasy was taken into use. The most important changes that have been implemented are:

  1. The manager will have to accept the processing conditions in the framework of the GDPR once
  2. The calculations of inbreeding, relationships and AVK and other data are performed properly

Tip: It is important that you, as administrator, back up your data. Due to technical changes an older backup can no longer be read. Please take these steps to create a backup:

  1. Go to the Management menu.
    2. Click the File Management tab.
    3. Click the Create Backup button.
    4. Choose a location to save the backup. Save it as a Winzip document.