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Nice turn-out user evening ZooEasy

Nice turn-out user evening ZooEasy

Date: May 20, 2016

Which developments are planned for ZooEasy? How can you get even more out of your database? And what would professional organizations like to know more about? This all came up during the annual user evening of ZooEasy. At the 21th of April many managers of several Dutch animal associations came to the meeting in the Netherlands. There was a good turn-out with customers from all out the country, with representatives of goat, cattle and dog associations.

Why organizing an evening for customers?

The software of ZooEasy is developed for breeders. We always did this by consulting breeders of all animal species. What do they want? What do they need to improve their registration? These conversations with individual breeders and associations have led to the software you’re using. But there are always new developments. Sometimes there’s new legislation, for example laws about health registration of your animals. That’s why we like to keep close to breeders of all kinds of animals.

Associations also like to know what else the program is offering them to get even more information about their data. And especially if they can do this with even more ease. That makes our user evening a nice experience for both our customers as for Team ZooEasy as well. We learn from each other to get closer to our goals for better breeding management and healthier animals.


The evening started with an overview of upcoming developments of ZooEasy. Lately ZooEasy has focused on customized services, such as a stud request module for a dog association. Other processes of ZooEasy are optimized. We’re currently working on the processing of calculations. This process calculates the inbreeding and relationship percentages every time you have edited one or more animals. This process means you can work faster during most of the day, but once a day (dependent on your time zone) ZooEasy can slow down for about 30-45 minutes. During this process we also make a back-up of your data. Because breeders are adding more and more animals (especially by associations), this time can add up. We have doubled our capacity and now we’re going to make this process more efficient. That means the program will not re-calculate all animals after you’ve edited an animal, but just the animals on which the edits take effect. We expect the daily processing to run faster this way.

This year we will improve ZooEasy with several new and improved featues, such as:

  • Relationships will be extended with nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts and ancestors;
  • You can select which specific files you wish to export;
  • Improved searching features;
  • Extended reports, with more generations of ancestors, data of breeding pairs, descendants of animal and breeding reports;
  • You don’t have to logout and login again after adding extra fields.

This is just a sampling of new developments. If you’re using ZooEasy, we will notify you when new or improved features will be available.

Tip: how to create a report

In the second part of the evening Jan Vissinga of Team ZooEasy explained how to create your own reports. Reports are useful if you want to create your own adjusted pedigree or to print a pre-filled form. Click on our page with Downloads and manuals and choose the document ZooEasy Manual – Designing report templates.

Responses and questions of managers

At the end of the evening there was much room for managers to ask their questions. Some managers had lots of specific questions and requests, which we will answer and help further along at our helpdesk. Others had general questions, such as: what to do when a dog is added to the wrong nest? How can you show multiple generations on a pedigree? Can you unlimitedly add animals, health reports, show reports and other files? All these questions were answered this evening. If you have any questions yourself, just take a look at our FAQ or contact our helpdesk.

Team ZooEasy looks back on another successful evening and wishes to thank all manager for their input at the user evening.

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