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Registry fever

Registry fever

Date: September 9, 2021

The Netherlands is a real administrative country. Secretly, we have to admit that we actually enjoy registering everything about ourselves and our direct environment. Whether it’s our diet, our working hours registration or our sleeping hours…
We have an administration for everything, even our dog has his own mandatory passport. Pedometers, Google Smartwatches, vaccination passports, nothing is too crazy for us. Yellow booklets aside…we don’t give it a second thought of registering everything!

An illness is never nice to register but it is certainly not unimportant. Not only for ourselves, but also for our animals. ZooEasy is the standard for everything that has to do with animal registration. Most likely, you are already familiar with our standard functionalities. Therefore, we will occasionally highlight the lesser known features. For example, the possibility of adding extra information to an animal.

Diseases such as epilepsy or hip dysplasia (HD), among others, can be registered with our software and added to an animal. Prevention starts with registration.
It is therefore extremely important to register these symptoms correctly.
Registration can thus hopefully help prevent these hereditary defects in the future.
How can you add extra information such as a disease to an animal? This video explains it.