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Results user survey

Results user survey

Date: November 7, 2019

In recent weeks we have randomly approached users and asked them to prioritize a number of improvements that we plan to implement in ZooEasy Online. We are very happy with the outcome! It has given us a good picture of which new functionality you find important and this helps us to make the right prioritization.

We are now working hard on the 2.5.00 release, which will be made available in early November. Among other things, these improvements are implemented:

  • Wish 553: The possibility to easily add animals from within the pedigree to enter missing ancestors
  • Wish 611: Mean kinship value calculation which can be used to determine the average relationship of an animal with the rest of the population (*)

Through the survey results, we now know the priority of the following wishes that we want to address.

High priority

  • Wish 656: Return with one mouse click to the previous animal, while clicking to follow the bloodline.
  • Wish 613: Add cash book to make it possible to register income and expenses.
  • Wish 617: Assign a status color to an animal to show this color in lists of animals and to make it also possible to selected animals by status color via the search function.
  • Wish 619: Calculate per animal the number of complete generations the pedigree of the animal consists of.
  • Wish 620: Show calculation of the number of equivalent complete generations in an animal (ECG).
  • Wish 592: Export the pedigree of an animal and import it from another ZooEasy user and vice versa.
  • Wish 651: Quick search by the year of birth of an animal.

Medium priority

  • Wish 652: Quick search on the year that a combination is entered.
  • Wish 576: Add logbook, to make it possible to see the data per category such as Veterinary visits, Deworming, Vaccinations etc. Also Add a notepad to record notes.
  • Wish 614: Establish general documents that are not bound to, for example, an animal or a combination.
  • Wish 627: Register multiple member numbers, grow numbers, codes etc at a contact.

Low priority

  • Wish 615: Register measurements per date with an animal such as weight and height with which the development of an animal can be measured.
  • Wish 616: Record per Breed the Latin name and Gestation period in days 

We will start to work on the High priority wishes. We aim to release a release every 4-8 weeks in the coming months in which these high priority wishes are made available. We want to have completed this by May 2020 at the latest. Then we look again at what wishes are still there and what their priority is.

(*) This module is being commissioned by one association and will be further developed in the coming months. Once the optimizations are ready, the functionality will also be offered as a paid module through our web shop. We will inform you about this via the newsletter.