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Update ZooEasy

Update ZooEasy

Date: October 26, 2015

ZooEasy will be updated soon. This update will contain several improvements. Due to this updates, you won’t be able to login at October 29th between 7 and 10 AM CET. If you use ZooEasy, you will also be notified by e-mail and the updates are automatically available after you login again. Some features do apply automatically to your database. For other features it’s necessary to set this up before your first use. You will receive a practical how-to for this new features.


New features

We have added a few new features to your online program, such as:

  • You can make a report directly from your (trial) pedigree or from the menu Reports, so records will automatically be added to your self made template. If you have made a template before, you can easily select the right template and save or print this in the lay out of your choice.
  • Import judges to your database using the import feature. That gives you a better overview of your show results.
  • ZooEasy is now also available in Italian. We made this happen thanks to one of our new customers from Italy, who helped us to set up the translation.


User friendliness for mobile devices

We have made ZooEasy more user friendly for anyone who uses the database with a smartphone or tablet. Previously you would need a key combination like CTRL and a second key to use several features. That wasn’t practical on a tablet or smartphone. Now we’ve changed as many of these features with icons, so you don’t need a command key anymore. We have also made some technical adjustments for ZooEasy to work easier with Chrome and Safari.


Release notes and how-to’s

If you’re using ZooEasy, you will soon receive a personal e-mail with release notes of Version 2.4.00. Here you will find detailed information about features we have changed, added and improved. This also includes a practical how-to manual that explains how you can use all new features.