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ZooEasy is ready for Microsoft Edge

ZooEasy is ready for Microsoft Edge

Date: August 28, 2015

Team ZooEasy has tested the new internet browser Microsoft Edge and concluded that this works seamlessly with ZooEasy. Microsoft Edge is the successor of Internet Explorer. This was launched at the same time as Windows 10. Did you previously use Internet Explorer as your standard browser? Then you will automatically use Microsoft Edge after installing Windows 10 on your computer or laptop.

Browser test

During a browser test, our team has tested a long list with all features. After testing Microsoft Edge, we didn’t find any issues. That means you can perfectly use this browser when you use your computer or laptop to login on your own database of ZooEasy.

ZooEasy Stand Alone

If you don’t use ZooEasy, but you’ve installed a Stand Alone version on your own computer, we have good news as well. We have tested this version on computers with the new Windows 10. This program also works excellent on the new Windows. You can read more about our findings in the blog about test results of Version 12.

Find any errors? Contact us

Despite our thorough testing, an error may still occur. If you get an error please let us know, so we can find a solution. Tell us which browser you use, if you logged in on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and add a screenshot if you can. With your information we will try to mimic the error and resolve it as quickly as we can.

Picture: DailyTech