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ZooEasy calculates all the statistics behind the scenes – in a flash!

ZooEasy calculates all the statistics behind the scenes – in a flash!

Date: August 27, 2019

We admit it: Team ZooEasy loves animals and statistics. When we are done for the day taking care of our birds, cuddling our cat or herding our sheep, we plunge into the world of statistics with our software. For instance, we check the speed of certain tasks: how long does it take to complete the calculation of inbreeding or kinship? With these analyses, we improve the use of your software to make it even more easy to use.

Learn more about your animals
Statistics can tell you a lot about your animals. The more complete pedigrees your database contains, the more useful the statistics. A few examples of the calculations you can get by using ZooEasy:

  • Inbreeding percentage: inbreeding occurs when you let two animals breed that are related to each other. Many breeders strive to keep the inbreeding percentage as low as possible.
  • AVK: AhnenVerlust-Koeffizent is German for ‘ancestor loss coefficient’. The purpose is to measure how many ancestors occur multiple times in a family tree of five generations. An AVK of less than one hundred percent is always an indication that there has been inbreeding in the pedigree of an animal.
  • Breed percentages: the percentage-distribution of different breeds in the ancestry.
  • Relationship percentage: this shows how much similarity there is in genetics between animals, because they share the same genes. A percentage of zero means there is no family relation between the animals.

ZooEasy performs many thousands of tasks
ZooEasy calculates all the above percentages automatically, 24/7, and has done so since November 2018. Each time you add a new pedigree, this may influence your statistics. And that is what we are proud of!

Here are some interesting facts about ZooEasy in the past eight months:

  • Over 850 breeders and associations used ZooEasy Online.
  • Combined, users made a total of over 110,000 new calculations.
  • Most of those calculations were made for inbreeding percentages, AVK and breed percentages.
  • 99.2 percent of the tasks succeeded at the first attempt.
  • 0.79 percent of failed tasks still succeeded after another attempt.
  • The Ierse Setter Club has made the most calculations.
  • The Rasclub voor Zwitserse Witte Herders (The Netherlands) and the Australian Labradoodle Association (Australia) share second place.
  • January is the busiest month.
  • June 2019 was the quietest month.

We continue to develop!
The fast recalculations were just one of the improved options that we have been working on in recent months. But we continue to develop more and better features to make it easy for you to keep track of the data of your animals!