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Use Mean kinship module for multiple breed groups

Date: March 11, 2022

Since making the Mean kinship module available in late 2020, several organizations have started using the module. However, only organizations with 1 breed group could use the module. We now have a solution for organizations with multiple breed groups. 

How does it work?

Each breed group calculation is carried out in a separate ZooEasy administration. The calculations can then be made available in the main ZooEasy administration for the respective breed group. The solution also works in case the breed groups are crossed and animals occur in more than one breed group.

What is required?

In order to work with this solution, you need the following (example with 3 breed groups)

  • A main administration in ZooEasy.
  • 3 additional single user administrations with the Mean Kinship module.

What are the investments and annual costs?

The investments consist of:

  • Purchase of the Mean Kinship module (regardless of the number of breed groups): €495
  • Setting up Mean kinship module per breed group: €195

The annual costs consist of:

  • Annual maintenance costs Mean Kinship module: €125 (for each breed group)
  • Single user subscription costs: €49.92 (for each breed group)

What does this mean for the administrator?

The following tasks will be added for an administrator:

  • Periodically update the breed group populations based on mutations
  • Periodically import mutations into the breed group administrations
  • Periodically import calculations from the variety group administration into the main administration
  • All prices mentioned are incl. VAT, subject to price changes and are extra costs besides the annual costs of the main administration.

How can you order this?

We can make you an offer without engagement to show you the total costs, please contact us for this.