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How does one safely share information within an organization?

How does one safely share information within an organization?

Date: September 14, 2020

Sharing data within organizations is becoming an increasingly important topic. Information must quickly be available anywhere and be up to date. Therefor it is important to arrange this as an organization. This is where problems occur regularly, but what are these problems and is there a solution? In this article, you can read which problems organizations are confronted with, how the NVSW applied this and how to solve these problems.

How things still go in most cases….

With the old animal registration programs, all data is in a computer program on the manager’s computer. A member wants to know more about an animal? Then the manager must be contacted to get the query answered. And if a breeder wants to print out a pedigree, this is also a task of the manager. In brief, a lot depends on the time that the manager has available. For an organization with a large number of members, this soon creates the problem that the increasing need for information can not be met adequately. Partly due to changing expectations in society, that up to date information must be available quickly, up to date and secure (GDPR compliant), organizations are required to take action. But what actions should be taken? 

The transition from the NVSW to ZooEasy Online

The Dutch Association for Stabij- and Wetterhounen (NVSW) has been working with ZooEasy Online since 2008. Willem Stemerdink has been involved as a manager since the beginning: “With ZooEasy Online you can personally arrange viewing rights for members, board members and committee members. That makes one feel protected. Also fear of a possible computer crash is something of the past, now that everything is safely on the ZooEasy Online servers. Before the transition to ZooEasy Online we used GCS Data manager. With that the data was available only to the manager, so we could not fulfil the need for information within the organization.” 

How does it work exactly?

Organizations can authorize committees and members to have access to and enter information in the database, so that tasks can be divided and members only have access to the public information. See also the general ZooEasy Online video, in which this topic is discussed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaQ0Fri_Rck


  • Up to date information quickly retrievable
  • Retain control regarding who can see which information (GDPR compliant)
  • Sharing information is possible
  • Information is located in one central place
  • Everyone has the same information 


Want to know more? 

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