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New developments at ZooEasy

New developments at ZooEasy

Date: April 2, 2019

Later this year we will begin expanding the functionality of ZooEasy. Because the development and testing of new functions is time-consuming, we will go about this in three phases. Take a look at the road map below to find out when each of these new functions will become available.

Improvements and new functions

We will be carrying out various improvements, such as adding a security update and an updated backup function. As was requested by several breeders, we will be adding the chip number to the basic data of the animal and will add the option ‘castrated’ separately from the animal’s gender. One of the new functions will be the mean kinship calculation option. This will show the kinship (relatedness) of the animal with the entire current population.

Aligning to the stand-alone version

Any breeders currently using the stand-alone version will already be familiar with some of the other new functions. They will already be able to transfer this spring with no data loss. A cash book will be added, and users will be able to log measurements and other events in the log book. Each of these functions are marked in blue on the road map.

Subject to changes

The content of the road map is subject to changes and no rights can be derived from it. We are working hard behind the scenes to soon roll out these new functionalities. No action is required from you to be able to use these new and improved functions; these will automatically be added to your database once they become available.