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New videos and manuals with explanation about ZooEasy now available

New videos and manuals with explanation about ZooEasy now available

Date: November 7, 2019

Recently the ZooEasy team has been working hard on making new videos and manuals on how to use ZooEasy Online. These videos and manuals are based on questions we have received through the helpdesk. Where we noticed different users asking the same questions, we wrote an explanation.

We will highlight the most important ones:

  • How can I see only the animals I own?
    This is by far the most frequently asked question to the helpdesk. How you can set this for your database is explained in this video. It is important to realise that only the animals where you are set as the owner will be shown. It is therefore important that you delete the owner for deceased or sold animals, if you do not want to see them in your animal list.
  • How can I store extra information with an animal?
    When you are just starting out with ZooEasy, a number of fixed fields are always available per animal such as Breed, Color and Date of Birth. If you want to save extra data specific to your species, you can easily save this information in extra fields. You can find the explanation how to do this in this video.
  • How can I hide field that I’m not using?
    By default, the all fields are shown. But it is possible that you don’t need to use them all for your species. A lot of fields can be hidden in the settings. Watch this video to learn how to.

With ZooEasy Online you, as an administrator, can now create reports yourself. You can format these reports in your own house style such as logo, front cover and font. We have made the manual available so you can even create them yourself! We have also included a number of templates for your convenience that you can use, such as a pedigree card, 4 and 6 generation pedigree.

In addition to design a report, we also explain in this manual how you, as an administrator, can grant rights to your users to be able to use certain reports or not. You can download the manual and sample templates from this page.