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Search easy with ZooEasy

Search easy with ZooEasy

Date: July 15, 2021

Our search functionality is more easy than you think. Especially since ZooEasy introduced ‘wildcards’. These within the IT-world so called ‘joker cards’ are easy yet effective to use.

Take for example the asterisk/little star (*) which stands within a search for a random number of characters. All variables within a root word can be found easily. If you enter educat*, then you get all the possible endings of that root within your database. To find all the possible beginnings, you enter *cation. When both the start and end of the root are variable, you enter *uca*. This you can apply as well to numbers and other characters.

In short: search easy with ZooEasy. So play your ‘joker card’, but keep your trick right up your sleeve. For more explanation about our search functionalities you can watch this video.